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Paraffin Wax

Tuesday, August 18, 20158:29 PM(View: 9549)
My pedicurist suggested that I get a paraffin pedicure after seeing the state of my heels. She was half-way through my pedicure, having soaked my feet in warm water and aggressively filed my soles with a foot file to remove the dead skin.  I spend a lot of time in heels, and walking is my preferred means of transport to and from work, so I have developed very thick and rough soles. Before moving to paint my toenails she suggested a paraffin treatment to soften and moisturize the skin of my feet.

What is a paraffin pedicure? I was about to find out. My pedicurist arrived with a bowl of hot, red, viscous liquid and presented it to me to dip my feet in. Warning: make sure you have checked the temperature before you plunge your feet in; it is pretty hot and although your sole may be thick and tough, the upper side of your foot has delicate and sensitive skin.  

I dipped my right foot into the bowl of wax. My pedicurist held it down for a moment, long enough for a thick film of wax to encrust over my foot. She guided it out after a minute to harden and then dipped it in again for a second coating. My left foot then followed with a similar treatment.

Next step the booties: first two plastic bags shaped to cover my feet, where my pedicurist made sure that the plastic clung to the wax to seal in the moisture; followed by two cotton booties to keep my feet warm for the duration of the treatment.

After ten minutes, it was time to remove the two layers of booties. The pedicurist took the cotton covers off and began to slowly roll-back the plastic layer, peeling off with it the congealed wax. The whole treatment took less than 20 minutes. And the result? My feet certainly felt softer, especially around my heels, which are particularly rough and chaffed. However, in order to make a meaningful impact, it is recommended to use the treatment twice a month. I am not sure if I will have the time to keep it up, but in the meantime, I was recommended to keep my heels moisturised on a daily basis by applying a special foot cream. The other recommendation from my pedicurist for soft and beautiful soles was to stop wearing heels, but that is never going to happen!
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